Psychology for a Better World

 Tim Wagg

curated by Victoria Wynne-Jones.

General elections were held in New Zealand on 23rd September, 2017. After nine years of government by the centre-right National Party, on the 19th October it was announced that a minority government coalition had been formed between centrists New Zealand First, the centre-left New Zealand Labour Party and the Greens. This tenuous alliance meant a change of government, installing 38 year old Jacinda Adern as Prime Minister, who announced her pregnancy whilst simultaneously demonstrating her leadership strength.

What followed in this promising environment for Tim and I as contemporary art practitioners, was an immense sense of relief combined with an atmosphere of cautious optimism.

Psychology for a Better World takes its title from a 2011 book by Auckland-based psychologist Nikki Harré, in which she explores strategies which might inspire sustainability. In response to Harré’s call to attempt to make a world in which our species and the ecological system we are part of can flourish, the exhibition is a quietly confident action-strategy that engages with psychological and political issues as well as ecological sustainability. Psychology for a Better World features a selection of Harré’s words and assertions.

Proffering an outstretched hand across oceans, continents and vast distances, we invite Patara and its visitors ‘to explore a way forward together.’ - Victoria Wynne-Jones

Tim Wagg and Victoria Wynne-Jones, an artist and curator, are currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), New Zealand.

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