Solomon Aphroditus – THƎ ɅNɅRCHIST, THƎ ɅRTIST

Artist Solomon Aphrodite depicts the modern martyr in the work "THƎ ɅNɅRCHIST, THƎ ɅRTIST". The reason for the discrimination of Queer people in Georgia is often false religious interpretations, that is why the artistic image of the crucifix is ​​created with specially selected Christian iconography. For people with different self-expression and gender identities in an aggressive environment, surrounded by collective evil - existence is, in fact, tantamount to crucifixion.

Solomon Aphrodous is a multidisciplinary artist. Their work is a research based on self-reflection and knowledge of art theory.

By synthesizing his own avatars digital form with various media, Solomon creates moving images, performance and audio-visual experiences.

By digitally reincarnating the androgynous archetype, the artist seeks to create the universal identity of augmented creatures. Solomon Aphrodite is a transhuman myth. The digital, mythical body of the artist is a living artifact expressing the aspiration for non-binary consciousness.


The artwork is placed on the abandoned architectural object on one of the main avenues of Tbilisi and was vandalised (as expected) the morning after installation. This act of violence speaks perfectly about the current situation inside which Queer creators have to exist and every try of theirs, every non orthodox ways of expression is demonised and tortured, like this artwork was.

This was Solomons' first ever physical artwork, outside of the digital world, so fragile, brave, and vulnerable.