Observation of the players in the sand

Salome Dumbadze

Players in the sand as observation objects.

The game itself is a a point of reference.
Choose one player in the sand and create imaginative stories around that player, we imagine how one lives, what one ate in the morning, who is waiting at home for one’s return, what kind of character chosen has - with this we establish our attitude towards the chosen player, and then with this attitude we judge player’s actions. We are observers, who are not actors in the game, but rather judges. If we include ourselves in our own observations, we will see a person who is observing others.
Integration starts with observation.


Working in different mediums was an experiment for a painter, like a game - when you don’t know what you are doing, but you follow your intuition and unconsciously in the way you learn a lot.
The works presented in the exhibition are directly or indirectly, Observations, as a description of the perception and learning road
Whether it's childhood time paintings are printed on the textile or the color of the spring leaves on floor.

Exhibition supported by Propaganda.network

12-25 April, 2018