Lazy Fire

"In our desire to make everything appear more real, we try to persuade ourselves of the reality of non-real things making thus our cynical consciousness work.
In other words, when we are projecting ourselves, we make our conscience believe that the world we are entering is real.
The only proof is the physicality of it, the woman talking in a deep voice relating the story of the fire beast. Here is the balance of the reality of a true-like story, the burning sensation and the simulation of it. We are indeed, around and after fire memorial, the soot is covering everything but still the fire doesn't burn.
It's a lazy fire, an attempted tamed beast.
Artworks are always " self-aware " of their public perception, in a way simulation pretends not to be but is broken by its evident lack of reality.
We are immersing ourselves in the story as we are also getting aware of its medium and fake realness.Now, just let the lazy fire burn. "Exhibition supported by Propaganda.networkMay 25 - June 6
Born in 1993 in France, Lou-Andréas is an installation-video artist based in Tokyo. After graduating the french Ecole des Beaux-Arts (BA in art), she pursued her master in the Tokyo University of the Arts. Meanwhile she curated two of her own group exhibition, one in the form of a live-online exhibition of a love hotel in Tokyo (2016), the second one being the continuation, presented as the chapter two of the love hotel story in a gallery space (Kokonoka gallery). From 2017 she joined an atelier-collectif place in Tokyo inviting and organizing exhibitions near the big contemporary art museum of Tokyo.
May 25- June 6, 2018