KOSKA32 – Flowing Subconscious

PATARA gallery presents the KOSKA32 solo exhibition Flowing Subconscious
The artist is known to the public by the pseudonym KOSKA32. His graffiti with the inscription KOSKA is scattered all over Tbilisi in countless different forms, colour combinations and locations; Koska's painting on canvas is unknown to many. It is his paintings that will be shown at the exhibition.
These are surreal paintings, with magical colours and billions of different stories that unfold in the paintings… viewing them is a constant adventure for the eye.
Koska became interested in surrealism and painting in general, in her graduating class in Berlin, when he discovered a new form of self-expression, inspired by friends and the environment. A form that is free from the rules of dogmatic expression and classical approaches, and where the key is to capture one’s own thoughts and is possible by trusting them.
Koska studies film directing and makes documentaries. Surrealist painting and documentaries can be said to be two radically different areas - one follows its own inner voice, the the other - depends on the people, the environment, events, and the process itself,- is much more planned. Nevertheless, both are documents - one of the flows of the artist's thoughts, and the other- of the physical reality.
Koska's manner of working on canvas is practically no different from working on a wall: in both cases, the artist follows intuition (and if you will, - inner voice) and invents the story in the process of drawing, hence the title of the exhibition.
The main challenge for the artist today is to combine graffiti and painting on canvas, which he successfully manages in recent graffiti’s, in which he already includes the elements and characters he often depicts on the canvas.
What is characteristic of Koska32 is a constant movement: which can be seen both in his drawings and in the graffiti. The dynamics in his paintings can be felt in the stories depicted, while the graffiti is spread like a storm on the streets of Tbilisi.