rose inverted utopia

Katharina Stadler

"but for the scent what distinguishes the rose from the thorn?"
inverted spaces of daydreaming. when something is so heavily charged, a symbol multiplied.
something so overloaded that it is the first answer to most questions. having become a still life triggered by the outside, rather than of one's own imagination. something means something without meaning to. something is imagined with imagination as a given.
a still life. a film frame, frozen in motion. with one being inside. there is (no) space in which to position oneself. i. us. ignited only, maybe, by a flicker. by daring utopia. flickering. and off.

Katharina Stadler is a Tbilisi based conceptual artist and writer.
She works process-based, interdisciplinarily and with different media on discourses of ideology, politics and other social imaginaries.

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14-28 february, 2018