Jago from Ecstasy Cookbook

Patara gallery invites you to the opening of the season 2, new location, new art year!

Jago Rackham shall present a feast inspired by the food he finds gorging himself in Tbilisi's restaurants and homes; using the choicest morsels he can procure in the city’s markets and shops — many plums shall be squeezed and carcasses assessed. As this is a celebratory affair, the table, the chairs, shall be done away with, and we shall all share, and in sharing come together, softly murmuring or loudly exclaiming in various states of love, ardor even, over the gallery we are celebrating, the wine we are imbibing and the food we are eating.

He does not yet know what he shall cook — he must explore first — but it shall, all things being good, use plums and apples, pomegranates (the best in the world) and grapes.

If you would like to see examples of Jago’s feasts, have a look at his Instagram @ecstasy_cookbook

Jago is a cook and writer based in London. He is terribly greedy: pulling ideas for the food he cooks from anywhere, revealing in the fact that his native England has no stable culinary tradition. He mixes eating and art with his partner and collaborator Lowena Hearn and is writing a cookbook, Ecstasy, with Felix Conran. He is also trying to write poetry.