Patara Gallery invites you to the musical performance by Fukte

Fukte (pron. Fooktæ) started around 2004 as solo project of Fabrizio De Bon, noise performer and self-taught experimental musician from Belluno (Italy) who owns Toxic Industries label, that released its first cassette in 2009.

Originally influenced by Japanese and European industrial/noise scenes of 90's, Fukte's style evolved by a continuous research in different fields such as drone, musique concrète and HNW.

Fukte's compositions and live performances are physical and powerful, balanced between interaction and control of unstable sources like self-made instruments, piezoelectric microphone feedbacks, junk stomp boxes and a handmade oscillator. His trademark tracks are the result of alternating collapsing distorted detritus and processed field recordings, drone layers and ethnic plunderphonia.