Cautious Watcher

Ani Gurashvili 

"The iridescence of my scarlet hide blends into the shimmering brightness of the desert sands. Through my nostrils I exhale the horror of the lonely places of the earth … My nails are twisted into talons, like drills, and my teeth are cut like those of a saw, my restless tail prickles with darts, which I shoot left and right, before me, behind. Watch!"
Symbolic images are not just data, they are vital seeds, living carriers of possibility. The image both limits and opens up. It grounds the symbol in this particular experience, and the archetypal reality is evoked.


Ani Gurashvili, born in 1990 is a Georgian artist living in Vienna. She graduated Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with a bachelor degree in MediaArt. Currently, she is studying for a Diploma in painting at the University of applied Arts Vienna.
Gurashvili's works are translations of ancient and medieval symbols. Various elements are extracted from diverse mythological traditions and put together to form temporary combinations. Through these arrangements, that are free from historical context, contemporary interpretations are made.
The show "Cautious Watcher" is another attempt to trigger the psyche.

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