pole of love

Pole of love (in the mists of life i found you dead and wild)

Ana Jikia

"Finish scene of the game - she walks into his arms, falls helplessly and disappears there forever. In this invisible state, in his arms, she finds transparent hopes and plans, filled with warmth, emptiness and eternity. Everything is possible and nothing will happen ever again. This is total shelter. Shelter for her.
With this work i tried to look at emotions triggered and experienced in imaginary and so called real/phiyical world simultaneously. Conflict and encounter in between. How physical and non physical meet each other, how they exchange energies.
I’d say imagination and physical world is equally solid. Both abstract and regular. But maybe in modern world physical existence is more accepted, the more we are close to the physical existence the more we are sane. But I’d say it’s the opposite. Disconnection of a human from its inner life for me is first signs of total insanity. I see acknowledgement of both worlds as some sort of ultimate contact with the truth. Even though there is no such thing as truth.
Pressure of physical existence makes inner, imaginative life as one and only shelter with unlimited possibilities and excitement. Therefore emotions that take place on the meeting point of these two carry certain meaning and importance.
Nothing is real."

20.01.2018 - 3.02.2018

Exhibition was supported by Propaganda.network