about us

PATARA gallery is an artist run gallery located in a busy underground passage in central Tbilisi, Patara is a  darling of the city. Founded in 2017 as only artist run, non-commercial space for young and daring art, by Gvantsa Jishkariani and Nata Kipiani, PATARA has a reputation for giving a room to any kind of experimentation, failure or discoveries, and for bringing art into general publics’ everyday life - as it is located in the crowded underground passage and its floor-to-ceiling vitrine is on 24/7.

This is a place, where the invisible barrier between public and sterile, stressful atmosphere of contemporary art galleries, - is destroyed, as exhibitions are visible from the outside, and passerby can enjoy, or hate, or ignore what we currently have on display.

This small (PATARA means small in Geo) space,  a gallery that discovers new artists, takes (for many) risky decisions, embraces mistakes and for those, passerby's, some of them for the first time, experiencing young art, are welcomed and embraced by contemporary art, that is, apparently friendly, interesting, and not  “weird, strange, ”of i can’t understand it””- as it is mostly advertised.

PATARA gallery exhibitions, or performances, or just celebrations are always made with love, fuelled by endless curiosity and  made possible by hard-work.

and not like everything else in life, PATARA gallery will last FOREVER.